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We’re excited to announce that Brightstar is now Likewize. Rest assured, your device protection plan hasn’t changed but you will notice our new name and look across all our communications.

Program Overview

Enrolling in our program is easy! Simply sign up when you buy your new phone or device and your coverage starts immediately.

Please note that your device must be fully operational at the time of program activation in order to enroll.

Coverage includes loss, theft, accidental damage and malfunction (after the manufacturer's warranty).

Pricing is $7.99 or $11.99 per month depending upon the retail price of your device.

Up to 2 replacements are permitted in any rolling 12-month period, with a deductible ranging from $50.00 to $199.00 for each approved request.

View our program guide for the full rundown of program pricing, coverage and details.

Retail Value

$0 - $250.00

$250.01 - $400.00

$400.01 - $600.00

$600.01 - $700.00 & 16 GB iPhone

$700.01 - $900.00 & 32 GB iPhone

Monthly Premium












Frequently Asked Questions

Questions About Your Program

Who is Likewize Device Protection?

A proud subsidiary of Likewize Corp. (formerly known as Brightstar) since 2011, Likewize Device Protection, provides phone and device protection programs for millions of subscribers around the globe. We’re backed by two A-rated insurers and support our customers through 14 call centers in 9 countries. Learn more about Likewize.

How much does it cost?

Please note that a deductible is also required when your claim is approved and a replacement is authorized. View more about costs.

Will I be charged tax on this program?

All program costs, fees, and charges are subject to applicable taxes.

When do I file a claim?

If your phone or device is lost, stolen or damaged, file a claim.
You can also file a claim if your phone or device experiences an electrical or mechanical malfunction and more than 12 months has passed since the date of purchase.
A manufacturer's warranty (in-warranty) is provided by your phone manufacturer and is generally valid for 12 months from the date of purchase. Electrical or mechanical malfunctions in these first 12 months that are no cause of your own are generally covered by your manufacturer's warranty. Details can be found in your original packaging.

How do I file a claim?

Our claims process is fast, easy, and secure. Simply gather your personal information, incident details, and visit our claims page.

If I receive a replacement phone as the result of an approved claim, am I covered for the new phone or device?

Yes, but it’s possible that the premium and deductible could change depending on the new retail price of your device. Please refer to your program guide for more details.

What does my program cover?

The A-Wireless program provides coverage for loss, theft, accidental damage and malfunction (after the manufacturer's warranty).

How many claims am I allowed?

customers are limited to two claims in any rolling 12-month period.

When can I enroll in device protection?

Our enrollment process is quick and painless. Simply sign up when you buy your new phone or device and your coverage will start immediately. Need a little time to think it over? Enroll any time after your purchase and coverage will start in 30 days. Please note that your device must be fully operational at the time of program activation in order to enroll.

Will I get the same phone for an approved claim?

Replacements are often new but on occasion may be reconditioned. While reconditioned equipment looks and functions just like new, it may have minor cosmetic flaws and contain non-original manufacturer parts and accessories. If the exact make and model is not available, your replacement will be of like kind and quality.

Am I required to pay a deductible before I get my replacement phone?

Yes. You are required to pay a deductible for each approved claim. For your exact deductible, go to My Plan and sign in.

How will I be billed?

Your program payment will be added to your credit card bill.

Note: By accepting coverage for this program, you authorize to share required financial information with us for the purpose of validating claims or charging your debit/credit card on file. If your card number changes, we may attempt to process your due payment using updated information from your card provider or .

How do I cancel coverage?

Call our Customer Care team at for assistance from one of our Representatives. They will help you change or cancel coverage.

What should I do with my damaged device?

If your phone was accidentally damaged and your claim is approved, you’ll need to ship us your broken device. Shipping instructions and packing materials for returning the claimed equipment will be included with the return device we send you. Be sure to act quickly! Failure to do so within 30 days may result in equipment and processing fees of

Avoid a locked device fee by disabling your Find My iPhone app and removing the device from your iTunes account. Learn more.

Still didn’t find what you were looking for?

Our customer care representatives are here to assist. Call the Brightstar Device Protection Customer Care Center at (877)751-3042 Monday through Friday 8am to midnight ET, Saturday – 8am to 10pm ET and Sunday – Noon – 10pm ET.

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    We’ve got all the inside info you need right here in our Resources Center. Check the library below for your program guide, insurance certificate and other information pertinent to your plan.

    This program may change or be modified during your term. Please refer to this website for the most current information. We will not cover loss or damage caused directly or indirectly by any of the exclusions listed in the complete Insurance Coverage Certificate and Service Contract. PLEASE READ THE SERVICE CONTRACT CAREFULLY TO DETERMINE YOUR RIGHTS, DUTIES AND WHAT IS AND IS NOT COVERED.

    Claims may be fulfilled with new or reconditioned equipment. Reconditioned equipment may have minor cosmetic flaws. Replacement of ‘accessories’ may be with generic or non-original manufacturer accessories. If the exact model is not available, the replacement will be of like kind and quality. You are not required to purchase insurance to activate wireless service. This coverage may provide a duplicate of other sources of coverage. You may cancel at any time.

    The Program is a replacement service provided to customers of Victra Wireless. The insurance coverage is being provided by New Hampshire Company, The extended warranty service contract is provided